First day of NaNoWriMo and the first post for my new website!!!

New website, new blog, new loads of things.

I did 3378 words today (I might do more later tonight) which brings me over the Reverse NaNo wordcount for the day! Which is about double the regular wordcount for the day! Reverse NaNo is one of those things that really helps when you’re someone who has a lot of energy at the start of the month but none left at the end.

But for now I’ll collect a couple of things that might be helpful for NaNoWriMo.


What is NaNoWriMo?
NaNoWriMo (short for National Novel Writing Month) is a competition where you write a novel of 50K words, yes you read that right 50.000 words, in the 30 days that November holds. It starts at 00.00 November 1 and ends 23.59 on November 30.
When you write it down like that it seems pretty hard but If you look at it closely it means 1667 words a day or about 70 words an hour. That seems a lot more manageable, right?


So, here are some tips on how to actually SURVIVE NaNo, from planning to sprinting and other ideas. I’ve collected or written these articles in the past 3 years and will share them here for all of you!


“Plots & Outlines” shows how I try different techniques for outlining and plotting. Among others includes Notecarding my Holly Lisle and the Nine Grid Plan.
My own outlining technique, appropriately called “Paperwaste”
Free Scrivener Templates, covers a range of plotting and organising techniques and templates for them to use in Scrivener, haven’t used it yet but seems promising.
Hailstorm Approach, this is a quick and dirty shortcut for the Snowflake method, which is a plotting method, for when you really run out of time.
Notecarding, a very handson method for planning and laying out your novel. Holly also has other great articles like guides on creating characters, worlds and other things. She is one of my fav go to places to find information on writing.
Snowflake method, a very thorough guide that can help you create a full fledged novel outline in some interesting steps.
Articles on Writing by Simon Haynes. The creator of yWriter also writes great articles on writing.
I also advise to look at Holly Lisle’s website. She is a fantasy author but I learned a lot from her articles on her website and her books (I have 4 different books from her to help me with outlining, characterisation and stuff like that).


During NaNo:Sprinting: “My trick to writing insane amounts a day and staying sane” Which has a short follow up post: “My sprint sheet
Wordcount tips and other good tips for during NaNo: Tips & Tricks


Writing programs (maybe a bit late, but it might still be useful to some people)

yWriter (free) this program is created by Simon Haynes, a writer himself. This program works really well with doing NaNoWriMo as Simon is an avid participant too.
FocusWriter (free) simple program that is really handy because it can hide all your background and you can choose the colours all yourself. Very little to distract you.
Scrivener (not free) Great program to use, it has a lot of options and if you take a couple of days before NaNo to figure it out you should have no problem with it. [Also has 20% off for all NaNo participants and 50% off for winners]


That’s for now! Enjoy the links and share if you know other ones that are useful!




You can find me at the NaNo website here:


  1. Congrats on the new website!

    • Thnx! The layout will change after NaNoWriMo, but I really wanted to have it up during NaNo since I didn’t want to bring back one of my blogs back from the grave if I was going to make a new website soon anyway. 😛

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