NaNoWriMo day 5!!! And how I’m making it hard for myself, once again…

Sooo, day 5. I’m at almost 19K words at the moment. YAY!

According to the NaNoWriMo website, if I keep going like this I’ll be finished on November 14th… It’s not unrealistic, I’ve done NaNoWriMo in 11 days before (aka last year) but that is not what I’m talking about today.


Today is about the other thing that I keep doing to myself: making characters that don’t fit a genre that well.

Which in itself shouldn’t be that much of a problem, if it weren’t that marketing a book with harder to define characters and/or genres is ROUGH! I know it, I’ve done it before with my Black Sheep Trilogy (NOT a romance; yes, gay characters; no, still not a romance; yes, relationships in all different kinds are important; no, really not a romance; also about difficult things like depression, abuse and pain; also for teens and above) and even to a certain degree with Disturbed Fate (not technically a romance, more of a paranormal story, though paranormal creatures are slightly different, but the romance element is important).

I had such an easier time with Disturbed Connections because it was a romance first and foremost. The paranormal element was only a second side to the story.

Well, this year’s NaNo story is once again set in the same world as Disturbed Fate and Disturbed Connections, though this time on an island and during the summer. I’m having a LOT of fun with the story itself but something is nagging at me.

One of the “rules” of romance is that your characters aren’t allowed to cheat. The hero in my story is already in a relationship when he meets my MC, and where I am (2/5 of the story) those two have fought but they haven’t broken up. Though my MC just kissed the guy. Which is technically cheating…

I could maybe overlook this if my hero wasn’t such a womaniser… in a relationship with another womaniser man. Yeah, my hero and his boyfriend are both party boys who play around with girls, though they are monogamous to each other.

Quite a few scenes (especially before he really meets my MC) are the hero with girls or even the other guy in interesting situations. Though never on screen sex, that went too far for me.


I’m now starting to doubt if I can actually market this as romance. Which is something I never used to think about but has become more important to me since I’ve published my books.

I love these characters and my hero’s playing around accounts for a couple of very important scenes in the book. I will finish the story since I do like the storyline as it is. But this is nagging at the back of my head, so I’m writing it down and hope that other people might have some good input on it.

(The other thing nagging at the back of my mind is that I’ll have half a month left after I finish this story if I keep going like this… I might be able to squeeze in the fourth book in the series in that time. Which has my all time favourite character in it, on which I’ve based at least 3 characters in this series already)


Anyway, on to happier things. EXCERPT!!!! (Not as long this time I had a hard time finding a good short scene)

 As he stepped over the next dune he came face to face with Evan. The guy huddled over, his face pale while also being sunburned. As Evan looked up he saw a flash of fear before his eyes glazed over and he looked away again. That same look he had had at the party last night, like he saw him but didn’t see him at the same time. It wasn’t like all the others, they didn’t look at him just because he looked good, Evan looked like he didn’t believe anything he saw at all.

He fell on his knees in front of him and wrapped his arms around the guy. Evan went stiff in his arms but then let him be.

They sat for a while until Evan started pushing against him. “You’re too warm.”

Thomas smiled and let go of Evan, he sat down, his legs crossed in front of him. “Are you okay?”

“What kind of question is that?” Evan looked at him and he could see the start of tears.

“I don’t know.” He reached out and touched Evan’s leg, trying to keep a connection because it seemed like the guy could disappear at any moment.

Evan looked at his hand and reached out, tailing one finger over the scars on top of it. Working at the wood shop came with its dangers but he never minded the scars, they made him look rougher than he really was. They sat in silence as Evan seemed to pull himself together.

“You’re real.” The whisper was almost too soft to hear, but Thomas caught it anyway.

He didn’t know how to answer so he didn’t say anything and Evan didn’t seem to mind.


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I’m off for now. I need to study for my grammar exam I’ve got tomorrow morning.

Have a great day!



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