What I did this weekend instead of homework or NaNoWriMo… Well, growing our family!

Last week I decided that I wanted to get a lot done during my weekend so I could spend this week on finishing NaNo on time, that sort of got sidetracked. Instead I spend almost all Friday on the phone.

Let’s start at the beginning. This is our little man, Kuro. He is a beautiful man, 1/8 Nordic forest cat, and, while annoyingly active sometimes, he loves kisses, sleeping near/on you and playing. Kuro means black in Japanese.

He got neutered a couple of weeks ago and we had decided that we would wait with getting a new cat until he was healed from that. And then we decided to wait until December with picking up a play mate for him because of NaNoWriMo and school.

Go figure that plans don’t always go well. We realised that waiting until December would be a bad idea because we have 2 birthdays and Saint Nicholas, Christmas and New Years… Yeah…

Anyway, last Friday I came across a beauty of a red cat (I really wanted red this time, I hadn’t really cared much last time, as long as they were cute) but after a quick email I found out that he was already gone, he had gone off to a new house only days before. At that time I had already talked to my boyfriend about him and we decided that we would go look for a cat that day. Because it went better with our planning and we had been so excited.

So for most of the day I was on the phones with pet shelters and other places, to find if they had red kittens. I got the phone number for a person who was taking care of a red kitten for a shelter and some numbers from other carers with other beautiful kittens. She also informed me that sadly enough, it was no longer the season for kittens.

When my boyfriend came home around 5 I had just checked a website with ads and decided to take a shower instead. As I came out of the shower 20 minutes later I found an ad from a farmer with 3 beautiful red kittens. I emailed immediately and we were invited over the next day. YAY!

Soooo here she is!

Her name is Aka, which means red in Japanese.

At first we weren’t sure is it was a he or a she, we didn’t care, she was so beautiful anyway. The vet told us on Monday that she was definitely a she.

Anyway, here are some more beautiful pictures of her and Kuro together.


Aka in the house for about an hour, Kuro did not like his present… Not at all…

The next morning:

They were starting to get along after a day.

The first day Kuro didn’t like the little intruder in the house and would growl and hiss at her. Aka was not intimidated though and pretty soon started to hiss and growl back at him.

The second day Kuro was starting to get more curious than angry and Aka was still scared of him, he is so big! Which, I have to admit, is understandable with the bad impulse and high activity levels of Kuro. Also, she is only just over 2 pounds and he is 7+ pounds, so he is a LOT bigger than she is.

We’re now on day 4 and they’re playing together, though Aka still gets scared from time to time, and sleeping next to each other. They’re not perfect together but they love the same games, like to rush around the place and sleep on blankets. We think they’ll be fine soon.

Aka is tuning out to be a very loving kitten, she loves to give you love. When we open the cage so she can get to her food (to keep it away from Kuro) she’ll push her head against your hand and purr loudly. She just loves cuddles and giving you a lot of love.

Here are some more pics of Aka:

Look at those beautiful eyes! I’m so in love with her 😉

But this whole ordeal threw off my idea of getting some writing and homework done ahead of time. Keeping your eyes on two cats who are stealing each other’s food, the business that comes with a new cat and the pure loving on this little creature took up a lot of time.

Now I’m off to do some homework.




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