Failed NaNo, learned a lot about myself, having fun plans for Holidailies

So, I went into NaNo with a lot of enthusiasm and courage but in the end stuff went southward.

You see… I got stuck with the plot at about 22K, well actually at 27K since I already had 5K before I started. At one point I realised tree things at the same time, 1. I forgot to foreshadow a big event in my 2nd MC’s story line, 2. I couldn’t get my main MC to move forward and have a good day instead of a bad one, even though it was needed, 3. I’m missing too much outline and because I forgot to write in the sidestory to my characters I can’t be sure how much outline I still need.

And then a presentation for one of my classes happened. Which was awesome, but took a lot of time too.

So, yeah… That quickly went bad. I then started a bit on Otherkin Spirits 4 but That was only day 29, so that was no real use since I needed 20K words and I didn’t have an outline.


But not all is doom and gloom. I’ve got most of Tranquil Destiny (Otherkin Spirits 3) done, I need to write in both the sidestories and the foreshadowing and then finish up the rest of the story. For Otherkin Spirits 4 I need to start the outline and do some character research. I’m really looking forward to writing the story because it has my #1 fav character, Damian, who I came up with years and years ago and who is partially based on some friends I used to know.

As for what I learned:

– I can’t really work from an outline that I wrote 6 months ago

– Character research helps a LOT. I’m so glad I did those. Want to know how to do good character research? Check out Holly Lisle’s Create a Character Clinic.

– My typing speed is down, it might be because of the different keyboard or because I had to keep an eye on our cat.


Now for something else. I’m going to be participating in Holidailies, it’s an event in which for the whole of December you post one post a day. This might be holiday related or not. Last year(link brings you to all the posts) I wrote all sorts of things and some of them are among my most visited posts, like the one on timed writing, the one I wrote for my own pasta sauce recipe and a post on flashcards. I’m not sure what I’ll write about this time but I know I’ll have some fun with the posts.

For now, I’m off to bed. Night night!



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