Holidailies 1: Love and feeling loved

(Picture heavy, but of adorable little cats, so you’ll forgive me, right?)

Maybe because it’s Sunday, or maybe because we picked up a new kitten last week. But I’ve been thinking about love and being loved a lot.

We all need love and we all want it. Different people and creatures show love differently. No two loves are as different as the ways our cats express it.


Back in May I moved home from the UK to live together with my boyfriend of 3 (now 4) years. After a couple of weeks getting into a new rhythm we decided we were ready for a kitten. So I picked out a sweet little black and white kitten and we called him Kuro (black in Japanese).

He is playful, happy, hyperactive and so lazy. His sweetest moments are when he curls up in my arms on my desk so I can both hug him and work at the same time.

Here are some pictures of him:

His way of loving is sitting next to you, waiting to get kisses and cuddles and when he is asleep in my arms he likes me to scratch his chin and chest.

Our little man has grown up, and this is what he looks like now:

Such a difference when you compare it to when he was little, though he hasn’t changed one bit. He’s only bigger, heavier and stronger, which means a lot more damage when stuff goes wrong. Which, you know, happens from time to time. His love is also bigger, though he is mostly a passive lover, he sits and waits until you give him cuddles.


Soooo, we’ve wanted a kitten to go with him for a while, a red one since that matches so well.

Last week we picked up Aka (red in Japanese) and she is such a sweety. Sure, we had to get used to her being tiny, since we still thought that Kuro was only little. But he is turning out to be a lady with balls. She was only 2 pounds when we picked her up and she wasn’t scared of Kuro, who was 7 pounds. Sure, he was kinda scared when he raced through the room, but she was never scared to stand her ground and she wouldn’t be intimidated by him.

She is so different, she purrs as soon as you get near her, her voice is a lot softer and she comes up to you and cuddles you. She’ll just push her head against your hand and start purring. She is a very active lover.

Here are some pictures of the little girl:


And, while they’re not exactly sleeping against one another, they don’t fight and do like to chase each other around the house. They’re still figuring out the rules of play, but Aka is not letting herself get bullied.

Here are some pics of them together, they are such different sizes. Kuro is 7 months old, at least 1/8 Norse forest cat, and Aka is 3 months and we’re pretty sure a simple farmer cat.


And you know what the best feeling of being loved is? When I curl up against my boyfriend, one cat against my legs and the other against my stomach.

That is such a feeling of being loved. (Even if you’re just being loved because you’re warm and it’s nice to sleep against you, as I’m sure the cats see me mostly as.)

See you tomorrow!





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