Holidailies 2: Steam Sale, videogames and great indie titles!!

I know I didn’t post anything yesterday, I was up late doing university work and didn’t know what to write about as I was too involved with the work.

That means two posts today. And the first one is about one of my fav past times, videogames!

At the moment (and for about 6 more hours after this post goes live) there is a Steam Sale going. Steam sales are bad for any gamer’s wallet since they will have triple A titles for 75% and sometimes even 90% off. Yeah, big games for tiny prices.

For those who don’t now what Steam is, Steam is a combination of a digital videogame store and a platform. You make an account (free) and then you can buy games. If you switch computers you log on with your account on the new computer and can play those same games there too. It’s one of the easiest places to play videogames and collect them in one spot.

Today I don’t want to talk about those big and over-marketed titles. Today I want to talk about some games that I LOVE and that are worth their money even if they aren’t in the sale. Each of these games are either indie (independent from big developers) or small developer (the name says all) games. These are all games I’ve played a LOT (or am planning on playing a lot).

First up:


Audiosurf is 90% off, for €0.99 (I don’t know the dollar value, just click on the link to see)

Regular price is €9.99

This game is WORTH its price, every cent of it! Audiosurf is a puzzle game where you load up your own music and you’ll get a race track to play. The game analyses the song and gives coloured blocks depending on the sound and rhythm.

I’ve played this game for too many hours, especially in mono mode (where the coloured blocks are all the same and change on a sliding scale, so you only have to avoid grey blocks and collect the coloured ones).

Here is a video from the game, Dragonforce- Through The Fire And Flames is probably one of the best known audiosurf played songs:


 World of Goo

World of Goo is 75% off for €2,24

Regular Price €8.99

Funny and cute but it gets frustrating and difficult after a while. This game gets you a LOT of hours of game time, I’ve spend more times on it than I’d like and I haven’t finished it yet.

The idea is simple, you control a set of different coloured goo which all have their own characteristics. By dragging and dropping you connect them to each other and that way you create a path through the level. The graphics and sounds are cute and there is even a cute-creepy story behind all that you do.

This game looks childish, but it isn’t, not by far.


Little Inferno

Little Inferno is 50% off for €4.49

Regular Price €8.99

This game is from the same creators as World Of Goo and you can recognise it in the graphics. Plus there are of course some hidden World of Goo jokes in the game. The idea of this game is simple, you get a fireplace and you burn things. By burning things you unlock points to burn more things. And when you burn a certain combination of things you unlock even more points.

Throughout this burning of items idea you get to read a story through letters you receive (of course, you have to burn the letters too, they burn well). The backstory is kinda creepy, but I’m not revealing a thing about it because you just have to experience it for yourself.

Yes, once again, it looks cute, but this backstory is quite creepy and possibly not good for young children. If you think that your kid (or cousin or whatever) might like it, please play it through yourself first, that way you know what is going on.

Here is one of the first videos you get in the game:



And, I might live in a tiny country we have a couple of game developers that are awesome! We don’t have a lot of releases but the ones we do make seem to be able to get very popular. These games are from Dutch developers but they are fully in English, so don’t worry about that!


All are 40% off, this includes the Overlord, Overlord: Raising Hell and Overlord II

This is a very popular fantasy game. You play an overlord, hence the name, and you control a set of minion to go through the map. The world is sort of generic fantasy but I always feel like it’s very Lord of the Rings based, but maybe that’s mostly because of the overlord himself.

In the game you can be evil or very evil, depending on choices you make throughout your play time. Your castle (which you have to rebuild) changes depending on those choices.

It’s a bit tricky to get the hang of at first, but it’s great fun and you can choose how evil you are. The minions are cute and awesome, calling out things like “for the master” and “treasure” when you make them go plunder.



Reus is 66% off for €3.39

Regular Price €9.99

This is a very cute and mostly calm simulation game. You play with 4 giants (Reuzen) who all have different abilities. Your goal is to cover the whole of the earth with thriving towns full of humans. You do this by creating different types of land, by giving the towns what they need and to manage the earth so that it sustains itself.

I haven’t played it much yet, I only picked it up yesterday, but it’s really really cool! Once you start playing time flies. This is probably the child safest game that I’ve listed, it’s easy to manage, easy to play and just over all looks very sweet.


All these games are well worth their price and are games that are great to try out if they are on sale. For just a few Euro, Dollar, pound, etc. You’ve got hours and hours of fun!



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