Holidailies 4: Something simple today, music

So, after yesterday’s huuuuge post about writing and publishing (Holidailies 3: (Short) Guide to writing and self publishing/indie publishing) I’m doing a more simple post today: music.


Sooooo, I just found this on youtube (uploaded today), it’s the full concert from the free 2011 Acid Black Cherry live.


At first I wasn’t sure if I liked Acid Black Cherry, but when I found this live on youtube I was hooked. Their style is weird, some rock influences, some pop and some jazz. All sorts of things, but the music is amazing and great to listen to. Plus, Yasu (Acid Black Cherry’s vocalist)  is a great stage performer.


This is their newest single, super catchy and a bit of jazz like.


I listen to music during writing, during playing videogames and even when I get out the door. Music is my thing, I can’t for the life of me play it, and I can’t even sing (heck, most the stuff I listen to is in Japanese, something I can’t even speak). But I love music, I love listening to it.

So, just a short post today with some songs from one of my fav bands. They are really worth a listen.




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