Holidailies 9: The Hobbit 2: The Desolation of Smaug and two upcoming awesome movies!

So, last night I saw the midnight opening of The hobbit 2. No spoilers, I promise!

IT WAS AWESOME!!!! It was so cool, there was so much going on and I LOVED it! It was magnificent to watch, the scenery and scenes were amazing and it was so funny!

There were a few random things that popped out at me:

Orlando Bloom looks older! Which isn’t weird of course since Lord of the Rings 1 was 12 years ago. He was 22 or 23 while filming the first trilogy and is now 36. That is quite an age difference. But I didn’t realise he looked older until he was back in the green and brown outfit that I first saw him in. Not that he didn’t look good 😛

There is a famous shield sliding scene in the Two Towers that gets a nod during one of the fighting scenes in the new movie. Here is the original:

THE DRAGON!!!! SOOOOO COOOL!!!!! Also, amazing dialogue between Smaug and Bilbo.

I don’t know what else to say without going into spoilers, so I won’t. Just that the movie is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!


What I also saw were two trailers for upcoming movies. Most people who know me know that if it isn’t a videogame or doesn’t have to do with Visual Kei (music), I don’t usually see it. Well, last night I saw these two trailers and I neeeed to go watch them!

47 Ronin

It looks good, the story looks interesting and it puts Reeves in a role that he knows how to play (story reminds me a lot of the Matrix). Also, the Japanese legends in the trailer look really cool.

I’m looking forward to this a lot!

Release US: 25 Dec

Release Netherlands: 26 Dec


I, Frankenstein

This is from the same makers as Underworld ( I <3 Underworld, they are one of my most watched movies). Which is obvious in the type of filming and, hello Victor (same actor and seems like same kind of role). Also, I expect a lot from it, simply because of Underworld and how well they pulled of those movies.

Release US: 24 Jan

Release Netherlands: 30 Jan


Now I really want to watch Underworld again, and I think I might.



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