Holidailies 11: My furry babies. Some pictures and videos.

So, we’ve got Aka for almost 3 weeks now. She is turning into a very cute little troublemaker, but you can’t blame her for anything because she looks so adorable!

I’ve just uploaded some videos of Kuro (who is now 7,5 months) and the few videos of Aka we have. They are both so cute.


And the best thing? They’re great friends. They love racing around the house together and also cuddling up in their fav spots.


From oldest (Dec 4) to newest (today):


Only living together for 1,5 weeks and they were like this:


Aka is such a climber!


Together in the box we got for them for Saint Nicholas:


They’re such cuddlers


So many cuddles!



Kisses and cuddles, their fav spot.


Who doesn’t immediately fall in love with these two?


They’re so cute together, and even though they can can fight from time to time they really love being together.

Kuro is like a 10 year old boy with ADHD: active, clumsy and getting so big he can accidentally break stuff.

Aka is a little girl who knows she is cute and that it allows her to get away with almost anything, even Kuro lets her off the hook when she does something he doesn’t like.

These two are gonna be a handful when they get bigger…




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