Holidailies 12: 1st chapter of Black Sheep: Letting go of the Past

Because of the Black Sheep anniversary I’m sharing the first chapter of Letting go of the Past with all of you.

You can check out the sale (all books are either free or $0.99, that includes the trilogy edition) in yesterday’s post: Holidailies 10: Black Sheep 1 year birthday!!! I’m giving away presents!


Chapter 1


Fireworks lit the sky as people celebrated the New Year, hugging and kissing as they went around the group. Suddenly he was there, in front of me, stepping past my outstretched hand and leaning over. His lips touched my skin, just one second on my cheek. One glance before he moved on. Then there was a girl, same ritual. Now another guy, just a simple handshake.
Even after the fireworks my cheek still tingled. I saw him sitting at the other side of the bonfire. His long brown hair reflected the flames, as if it were burning. His blue hoody and his torn blue jeans looked so comfy and soft that I thought hugging him would have felt like heaven. His beautiful amber eyes met mine…


The murmuring in the classroom swells and someone calls out. “Wow, Jack, what have you done?”
I blink, shaking my head to clear it of the images as I look up. Jack stands in the doorway, his face hidden behind his hair. My jaw drops.
This is not the same guy that I remembered just a few seconds ago. In the week between the New Year’s party and today he totally changed his style. His long brown hair is now a raven black, his comfortable and worn jeans and t-shirt now switched out for bondage pants and a body-hugging button-up. Wow.
Jack looks at his feet, away from the stares of our classmates. When he reaches up to push the hair away from his face I see the black nail polish and his kohled eyes. His new look takes my breath away and I fall in love with him for the second time.
The goth girls in our class flock around him, praising his daring change, making him blush vigorously.
After a few minutes one of them changes her attention to me. “Now you’re not the only goth guy, Vic.” She smiles, licks her lips at me and winks.
“I know, I’m not the only black sheep any more.” I smile back. As I turn to my table I notice that Jack has taken a seat at the desk in front of me.
“You look cool, Jack.” I nod to him while doodling nervously in my drawing book; the shape starts out vague but soon begins to look very familiar. I concentrate on detailing his shoes and the flames on them and then work my way up.
“Thanks,” Jack quietly responds after a while. The small parts of his ears that aren’t covered by his hair turn red. “It was my birthday last Friday and I got a lot of money for new clothes.” He then whispers so softly that I can barely hear it, “I’ve wanted these clothes ever since I met you.”
“I like them. They look great on you.” I keep my voice low.
He leans over his bag, hiding his face from me.
I hang my hair in front of my face to hide my own blushing. The drawing is coming along pretty well. The way he stood in the doorway had me captured and I couldn’t resist the urge to commit the image to paper. Damn creativity. I sigh.


The bell rings for our first class, the teacher walks in and closes the door behind him.
I keep on drawing until I feel a tap on my shoulder.
“Your homework, please. And get your books on the table.”
I blindly reach for my homework and hand it to the teacher, keeping my focus on completing the drawing as fast and detailed as possible.
“Vic?” Jack taps on my table to get my attention.
“Yes?” I look up and at the same time cover the drawing with my arm.
“I forgot my books. Can I share yours?” Jack looks at me with a really cute smile.
I’ve got to remember to make a drawing of that too. He never smiled like that before, it makes him look like an angel, a sexy black-haired angel.
“Yeah, no problem,” I whisper back quickly and hide the drawing underneath my writing pad.
Jack grabs his coat and his bag and sits down next to me.
Well, so much for finishing that drawing now.


Drawing has been a passion of mine ever since I was little. I have boxes full of drawings of everything I could ever come up with. Aliens and pretty boys alike, all boxed up in my room.
There is one box hidden under my bed, a box full of doodles of Jack: Jack smiling, Jack standing on the back of a bench in the park, Jack sipping from a bottle of water, Jack happy and Jack sad. I also made sketches of him in situations that didn’t actually happen: Jack pierced and wearing a fishnet shirt, Jack bound to a bed, Jack sitting on his knees in front of me naked…
Obsessed much? Yeah, maybe a little. But he looks so frigging cute. It is not just the way he looks but also the way he acts, he is always happy and cheerful.
Too bad he is straight, not that he is dating anyone as far as I know, but he looks too good to be gay.


I catch Jack glancing at me as I turn my head. What did I do? I didn’t talk aloud, did I? Or moan, because that would be even worse, I guess. But he just smiles at me and looks away. What the fuck? Okay, odd. In the next class I catch him looking at me again, but now I see something else too, he is not just looking at me, he is Looking at me. His eyes are all dreamy and faraway, but when he notices me watching he quickly turns away, blushing hard. He stares at his book like it’s the most interesting thing in the world.
The next time he looks at me I smile at him. He smiles back but then hides behind his hair, colouring deep crimson.
Oh, wow, that never happened before. It clicks together in my head: Jack kissing me at New Year, his change of style and now the looks he is giving me… Maybe not so straight after all, eh?
If only I was worthy of him…


I really like this first chapter, I think it shows a lot of Vic’s character.

You can pick up the first book for free on Smashwords and Kobo, or get all the 3 books for $0.99 on Amazon(US), Amazon(UK), Smashwords or Kobo.




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