Holidailies 13: All sorts of stuff happened the last few days.

So, I’ve been off for a few days, don’t worry, this happens when I’ve got crazy busy weekends…

You’ll wonder what happened…

Well, it started on Friday, I spend almost all of Friday on this website and my other website. www.5timeschaos.com

If you know the website you should see that apart from a few things missing there isn’t much of a change. This is true, on the reader side anyway. The backend of the website is totally different though. For me, this is easier to manage across websites and also keep track of statistics.

For the more digitally inclined under us. For years I’ve ran Drupal on the 5 Times Chaos website because it is so versatile and I loved working with it. The main downside (and I really realised this as I’ve been working with this website lately) is that I had a hard time keeping track of comments and apart from the data my provider gave me I didn’t have a way to keep track of what was the most visited post (I couldn’t get Google Analytics to work on it).

So, I took a big step (for me anyway) and switched over to WordPress. I’m not that huge a fan of it, but it is simpler to manage and that is what I needed. The upside is that I could use the exact same theme for WordPress as I originally had on Drupal, so readers shouldn’t see much of a difference.

Not everything has stayed the same though. All the links around the net should still work, I did try to keep track of that, but I’m also in the process of moving things around. As you can see above, I’ve moved the page with articles over to this website, though not everything is in place yet.


After spending almost all of Friday on that, I had 2 birthday parties on Saturday. Crazy, I know. But it was fun and I wasn’t home until after midnight. But the cats behaved so that was good.

Then the idea was to do a lot of homework on Sunday… And I was the SimCity sale on Origin… Yeah, that was where the day went down hill.

I had the great idea to check if everything was working correctly now (the new SimCity had some problems when it was released) and suddenly it was 6 in the evening and I had spend 8 hours on the game…

Which meant that I still hadn’t done my homework, which is not uncommon for me… I’m so bad with homework and doing it in advance. Something I should have learnt by now but still struggle with.

Well, I did finish it on time, even if just about.

And after some closed eye after class and a trip to the vet with Aka to get chipped and vaccinated I’m ready to do… Ehhh… Not much since it’s already late 😛 That is what I get for busy weekends. Though I’m glad I’ve only got one class left until Christmas break, I can use the break.




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