Holidailies 15: Quick Christmas post, ideas for food and fast presents

So, with Christmas in just a week a lot of people are freaking out about food and presents.

So, for those who haven’t chosen yet what to do, I’ve got 2 recipes that will WOW people and 2 small gifts that are easy to make, even for beginner knitters and crocheters but will look pretty and lovely.


So, first, the food:

Easy Multi-Coloured Cake

Very simple recipe, you’re mostly just following the guide on the package. Do pay attention to the type of cake you’re making as not all cakes colour as easily. Chiffon cakes work really well for this!  The guide is both in English and Dutch (Nederlands).


Awesome Pasta Sauce

This is a red pasta sauce, there are no green herbs in it like most bolognese sauces. The ingredients are simple but you do need to cut quite a bit. Though when you’ve got help that should be easy.

This is sauce gets most of its flavour from the type of sausage you use. So if you want a softer taste, use salami, a sharper taste use chorizo or when you want even sharper they exist but I don’t know the name.



And I’ve also got two quick presents for those who want to make something simple but aren’t that good yet, or those who need something fast and customisable.

Easy Cable Fingerless Gloves

People seem to love this one. There have been quite a few people who have made them. It was my first cable project and it was sooo easy. If you haven’t tried cable knitting yet, don’t fear, this will give you cute presents (or warm fingerless gloves for yourself) and you’ll have learnt a new skill.


Crochet cat/kitten ears

This is a fast pattern for just the ears. The pattern I used for the body is linked in the article. But I have seen people use this pattern to put on hats and you can even attach them to some hair clips and wear them like that. Just a fast pattern that you can use for anything, and it’s easy!


So, there are some quick tips for right before Christmas. Have fun!



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