Holidailies 16: Grammar, verbs and English

So, since my Christmas break has started, I have begun to study for my exams for after Christmas. I’m taking an editing class and one of the things we get graded on is a grammar exam. Which was weeks ago, and I failed it.

Which is bad, I know. I should have probably practised more…


Which I am gonna do now, and for that reason, I’m sharing two Anki decks with you guys.

Anki is a digital flashcard program, I use it to study Japanese and also some English grammar.

Irregular Verbs

Before the exam I wrote a deck with the 157 most common English irregular verbs. This is very handy to practice with.

You can find a guide to install Anki and the link to the deck here: Kia Learns Japanese: English irregular verbs (Anki deck)

And the list of verbs in this deck can be found here: Kia Learns Japanese: List of English irregular verbs

That should help anyone who needs to study the irregular verbs or who would like to brush up on them


Tenses, Aspects and Voices

This is something I forgot to practise the last time, I forgot it was on the exam. This deck includes 8 tenses, 2 aspects (simple and continuous) and 2 voices (Active and Passive). It is a total of 24 different versions of 1 verb to differentiate between.

I know I’ll be studying this deck the most, I need to.

Anyway, here is the link to the deck: English Tenses, Aspects and Voices


Good luck and have fun!



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