Holidailies 17: Social media management made easy

So, social media, anyone deals with it these days, though many authors, bloggers and other people have it slightly more difficult than others.

We often don’t just run our personal profile but also that of blogs, pen names or anything else. A lot of people find it daunting but if you plan and manage carefully it’s not as hard as it seems.

Facebook Pages

If you don’t have one yet, read here why you need one when you want to market or promote products (like books or your company): 6 Reasons why you need a Facebook page for your business. (and yes, being an author is a business, even when you don’t self publish)

Anyway, to create a page isn’t hard, you can make them on the Create a Page page. Choose the right category, fill out some profile details and you’re ready to go! (Also, don’t forget to make a header and an avatar for the page, to make everything look good)


To manage one or even multiple pages is simple. All your pages are linked to the personal profile you have set as the admin of the page. You can get to them from your side panel and they will give you notifications in your personal profile notification menu.

You can quickly switch between them without any problems, and the best thing is that your real name stays hidden. So even if you’re managing a business or a pen name, nobody will be able to see it was you.


– You only need 1 personal profile to manage them all

– Your personal profile will be hidden



– Not everyone can see your posts, this depends on a lot of factors, among others the rate of how much people interact with your posts.



This is both simpler and harder to manage. From 1 twitter account you can only manage 1 profile. You set it up the same way as you would a regular profile, so that part is easy.

Twitter can be overwhelming in a lot of cases so I use a lot of lists with people I want to keep a closer eye on (other authors in my genre, people who I want to keep an eye on to see how they promote and other stuff like that) that way I don’t lose contact with those people in the huge amount of other posts on my timeline.

The best thing about Twitter I find are their tablet and mobile apps. You can manage multiple profiles from one app. This is really handy when you’re not always at your computer.


– Manage like a regular profile

– Their app allows you to manage multiple profiles in one app, their website doesn’t sadly enough.



– You can only manage one profile at the time on their website (though I have a trick to get around that 😉 )

– There is a lot of noise on twitter, your messages easily get lost.


See message at the end of the post about a few things NOT to do on twitter.


Google +

I use their personal profiles but not their pages. I find them confusing and chunky. I might have to spend more time on them but for now I won’t be able to give you any help on them.



Tips and Tricks!

This is the part you probably want to read the most. There are multiple ways to make managing multiple profiles and social media places a lot easier. It requires only a bit of your time and gets you a lot more spread.


Managing multiple profiles:

– Use different browsers. I use 3 browsers (Firefox[my main browser], Chrome [my other browser] and Internet Explorer [for hotmail and some twitter]) between which I have 3 Twitter accounts always logged on. I use the browsers for multiple reasons normally, but this was the best thing ever. Having 3 different browsers means that you can manage 3 different “identities” all at the same time without having to log on and off again.

– Use Hootsuite. I like Hootsuite for their layout and ability to use different tabs while also managing different streams within a tab, that way I can split all my profiles out over different tabs while being able to look at different streams too. This sounds confusing but when you see it, it’s actually quite simple to manage. The free version only allows you 5 profiles, so keep an eye on that. Hootsuite can manage both Facebook (profiles and pages) and Twitter at the same time. They have more but I have never tried them.


Managing your content:

This is best if you either choose a set moment in your day to do it or if you do it once a week or something. A good profile has content but doesn’t spam, the line between the two is hard to walk.

– Write your promotion content up front. I usually have a text file with different content for different social media types. I have short messages for Twitter, with hastags included and I have longer messages for Facebook. This way I don’t have to make them up on the spot. Plus, you can re-use promotion content, especially if you’re doing a promo or a sale. Do remember that you can only post a message once on Twitter in 24 hours, so if you want to post it again you need to make it different (just a little punctuation change is enough).

– Schedule your content. On Facebook pages you can now do this yourself, but I’ve never done this so I’m not sure how well this works. I use Hootsuite for this. I have one tab in Hootsuite where I put all my scheduled streams. This way I can see what I’ve got coming up and when. According to some places you can try to put your scheduled posts 30 minutes apart, though I think that might be a bit short. If I schedule I usually schedule posts 2 to 4 hours apart, depending on how much I want to market the content.

– Link your blog to your social media. This way you don’t need to worry about having to post to all the social media places yourself. I use Jetpack on my website that runs WordPress and you can link your profiles under Settings -> Share -> Publicise on WordPress.com.



Those are my tips and tricks for managing different social media accounts in a way that doesn’t make you go insane. It is quite simple if you put a little bit of time apart for it and schedule your content.




P.S. Don’t use truetwit validation. It doesn’t work and is only annoying for other people. It will send out Direct Messages to the people who follow you telling them that unless they follow a certain link that it will assume you’re just a bot. Because, you know, automated messages from a website are send by real people… NOT. Please, do not use this, I know people who will unfollow you because of this.

Also, don’t use services like “Just unfollow” and others like it to either send regular tweets about how many people have followed/unfollowed you or to send them DMs for you when people follow you. They make you look like you PAY ATTENTION TO EVERY PERSON WHO FOLLOWS OR UNFOLOWS YOU… And that is creepy. It also makes you look childish and vain. Do not let them tweet for you. Sure, you can use them, I use twitter follower management tools, you can even be totally obsessed who follows and unfollows you, that is up to you. The problem comes when you bother other people (people who follow you) with this information. It is useless to them and does tend to make you look creepy. It is not good when people think you’re creepy, or when they get too scared to unfollow you because the program will send a message to the person to tell them what you did.

You do not want people to think you’re creepy or scary. So, you can use the programs, just don’t let them post for you.

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