Holidalies 18: Looking at what I’ve done until now.

Now that I’ve done 17 Holidailies I think it’s time to look back on what I’ve talked about for the past 3 weeks.


The posts can be split into a few categories: music, writing/books and life.



4. Something simple today, music

5. Beautiful and painful

14. My first Japanese girl groups



3. (Short) Guide to writing and self publishing/indie publishing  <- Listed in Best of Holidailies 2013!!

6. Tips for bloggers, writers and online users -> Links

8. Tips for bloggers, writers and online users -> Images

10. Black Sheep 1 year birthday!!! I’m giving away presents!

12. 1st chapter of Black Sheep: Letting go of the Past

16. Grammar, verbs and English

17. Social media management made easy



1. Love and feeling loved

2. Steam Sale, videogames and great indie titles!!

7. Web shows to watch when you’re a book lover!

9. The Hobbit 2: The Desolation of Smaug and two upcoming awesome movies!

11. My furry babies. Some pictures and videos.

13. All sorts of stuff happened the last few days.

15. Quick Christmas post, ideas for food and fast presents


When I look at it like this, there is actually quite a range of different posts I’ve made. Yay!



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