Holidailies 22: Disturbed Fate, chapter 1

With all the talk about New Adult and all the research I’m doing on it, I feel it’s only appropriate to share a bit of my own New Adult story.

Disturbed Fate is the first book in the Otherkin Spirits series and the first half of the Disturbed side of the story, the other side (Tranquil) isn’t published yet. This is a series of 4 books, all stand alone.


“This book will take you to many places and keep you guessing about how things will turn out.  The author does a great job at tying everything together at the end for a surprise ending.”
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When fate is changed death will ensue.

Pet shop owner Marc is a seer, but he doesn’t expect his life to turn upside down when he finds a young man with a kitten on his street. As he gets to know the young man more intimately, he is confronted with living in a reality that he did not foresee. Fate has been pushed off course and he never realised it.
Med student Keiran is lonely, so when he finds out he has a stalker he confronts the man instead of being scared. He does not envision that this man will bring as much destruction as he brings passion.

To bring fate back on its normal course, the four men need to find out what happened one fateful autumn night, seven years ago.
The only clue they have is their friend, drowned during his own birthday party. At the time it was ruled a suicide. Now, they’re not so sure.

Can they figure out how to put fate back on track before more people die?


Here is the first chapter:


Marc tried to stay on his feet as he slid from the post office towards his shop. The city had been caught off-guard by the snowstorm the night before and the cleaning crew hadn’t gotten to this side of town yet. It was uncommon to have this much snow in late November—it promised nothing good for the rest of the winter.

Next to him, his cat, Isis, didn’t seem to have any problem with the cold or the ice. Which wasn’t surprising. It had been on a day like this that he had found the silly cat to begin with.

Isis lightly jumped onto a pile of snow that was in the way, barely making a dent in the surface. But as Marc tried to step on the same pile his foot went into it up to his knee. He growled. That was going to get cold before he reached the shop he owned. Great.

As he stood still to sweep the snow from his jeans Isis walked further ahead and stopped at the corner of the street.

A few meters away a young Japanese man knelt near some trashcans. He seemed to be talking to something but Marc couldn’t see what it was. Though Isis seemed to be really interested in what was going on. Which left very few options, and whatever it was, it wasn’t food.

The young man stepped away and, indeed, a small white kitten tried to follow him. The young man knelt down and shook his head, talking to the little animal.

Isis stepped forward and the kitten looked their way. It tilted its head and mewled. The young man looked up and tried to flee as he saw Marc.

Marc frowned. He knew this guy. He wasn’t sure where from but he was quite sure that he had seen him before.

Marc held up his hands and tried to smile. “I’m not gonna hurt you. I was just curious what was going on.”

“This kitten came from behind those trashcans and it keeps trying to follow me.”

Marc stepped forward and saw the little nest where the kitten had apparently hidden.

“I seriously didn’t try to dump it. It was already here and I can’t take it home. I didn’t know what else to do.” The young man looked as Isis came close to the kitten and then wound her body around it, keeping it warm. “Your cat seems to like it. Can’t you take it?”

Marc looked down at the two cats and his suspicion was confirmed when the kitten glanced up. First to the young man, then him and then the young man again. This was not a normal kitten. This kitten had chosen the man to be its owner. Marc shook his head. “It doesn’t work like that, sadly enough. I’m gonna take a wild guess and assume you dabble in magic?”

The young man’s eyes went wide.

“I thought so. Well, congratulations. This is your familiar, or as some call it, your guardian. Once you’re chosen you can’t really get out of it.”

“But… it can’t be. I can barely care for myself. How am I supposed to take care of someone else? I don’t have the money.”

But Marc saw the way he was eyeing the kitten. The connection between them had already established itself and trying to break it now would be useless. A thought occurred to him.

“I’ve got a pet store not too far away. I could use some help.”

“Why would you offer that to a stranger? You don’t even know me.” The young man knelt down and petted both Isis and the kitten, hiding his face from Marc, but he could hear the relief in his voice.

“I need help at the store, you need money. Sounds fair, doesn’t it?”

“Yes, but…” The young man looked up. The feeling of familiarity struck Marc again, but he couldn’t place his face.

“I’m Marc, what’s your name?” Marc held out his hand.

“Galen. My name is Galen.” Galen took his hand and shook it strongly.

“Well, let’s get out of this cold. I’ll show you the shop then.” Marc smiled and Galen smiled back. This could get interesting.


Marc pulled the key from his pocket and opened the door to the shop. He stepped inside and reached out to flick on the light. Fluorescent lamps blinked on and covered the shelves in harsh light. He walked through shoulder high rows of shelves with pet food and toys before he reached the counter. The shop wouldn’t be open for another hour or two, that should be enough time to get Galen set up with food and other things.

Isis played around his feet, begging for his attention. He picked her up and dried her wet feet with the warm towel he kept on the radiator next to the counter. He then wrapped her into the warm towel and held her close, just how she liked it.

He turned around and faced the young man. “How is the little one doing? Is she okay?”

Galen nodded.

“Well, this is my shop. It’s been getting busier the last couple of months. I make enough to live on and some spare which allows me to take on someone else to help out.” Marc handed Galen a towel too, so he could wrap it around the kitten.

“So, why suddenly get someone? You seem to have done fine up until now.” Galen smiled, holding the warming kitten close to his body.

“Because it’s too busy for just one person. I have a friend who usually helps me out a couple of hours a week, but he is in his last year of university so he doesn’t have a lot of time. I need someone who can do more than just a few hours.” Marc sat Isis on the counter in her basket, where she kept on purring in contentment. “So, we have a deal then?”

Galen nodded. “Sure, I can work here a bunch of hours a day. I’ll need the money now, won’t I?” Galen looked down at the kitten and smiled. The kitten looked up and meowed softly.

“Well, you go and get some essentials. I’ll grab some food for her from the back.”

“How do I… I don’t want to be in debt to you. I really don’t have the money now.” Galen stepped towards Marc. “How do I pay for all of it?”

“We’ll figure something out. Don’t worry about it. Now, you go get some stuff. I need to open the shop in about an hour, so we’ve got till then to get everything to your place and sign contracts and things.”

“Thank you.” Galen gave him a blinding smile as he walked around.

Marc couldn’t get rid of the feeling that he knew Galen, that he really had seen him before this morning. But where? Marc looked at Isis and agreed with her. There were more important things at stake than the fact that he might know someone. How had a guardian as young as this kitten left the nest? Guardians weren’t supposed to leave the group until they were adults. Why had it been forced to leave this young?


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