Holidailies 26: Rift and why I love Trion

My MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) experience started years ago, back in 2005, with World of Warcraft. Ever since then I’ve jumped to different MMOs until I got stuck on Rift.


Rift is made by the company Trion, this was their first game. The idea was ambitious, the game itself beautiful. Some people called it a possible “WoW killer”, though I didn’t care for that. I was looking for the MMO that would hold my attention and never let me go.

World of Warcraft was never my thing, though my problem was with the game itself and not with the genre of the game, and after getting some free days from Blizzard in the past couple of years, I know it still isn’t. It can’t keep my attention for more than a couple of days.

My second MMO was Warhammer Online (which recently was taken off air). The game mechanics were strong (and you can see a lot of those good mechanic ideas in Rift) though because of some changes by the publishers the game changed and lost a lot of subscriptions. They also lost me because what I liked best (low level Player versus Player content, class mechanics that were unpredictable and meant to be that way and the different starting zones) was changed or taken out.

I went through a lot of Free to Play MMOs after that and played a lot of Runes of Magic. Which in itself is fun, but doesn’t fully satisfy my need for PVP and faster game play.


Then my boyfriend showed me this video:


That looked good, though I was supspicious about how it all looked. Some companies like to embellish their game in the videos. Not so much for Trion/Rift. Almost all their videos are real game play and awesome to watch.

And then you get videos like this, funny and gets your attention:


And of course their cinematic trailer, which shows most of the game mechanics pretty well:


The game is awesome, but what I like even more is their weird marketing videos. I love watching them because they are quirky and fun. Here are some more videos from different updates and events they’ve done:


And their latest, a Christmas story video:


I’ve stuck with them since the beginning, that is almost 3 years now. There have been very few months I’ve not been subscribed and I still love playing the game. I’ve even got a subscription even though it has gone Free to Play earlier this year.


I hope you enjoyed the weird videos!



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