Holidalies 27: Why 2013 is a year full of failure and I’m okay with it

I’ve had some comments in the past that I shouldn’t say that I failed something when I do things that others seem to find baffling in the first place. Failure, to me, doesn’t hold a very negative connotation, it simply means that I didn’t reach a certain goal I had set out to do.

This year I had a lot of plans that had to do with publishing and writing and I failed most of them, for various reasons. And I’m okay with it, which is something I hadn’t expected. Here are my reasons why.

I started out this year with a lot of plans, books to publish, stories to write, things to do. And then life happened, I finished my final year of my bachelors degree, I moved in with my boyfriend, I got a cat and then started a masters degree (which is waaaaaaay harder than the bachelors I did). Life happened.

But I got very close to a lot of my goals for my writing and other things and that does make me happy.

– I started out to do the 100K words a year challenge. And I wrote 50K in just the first couple of months of 2013, and then 20K in November. What I also did was write a LOAD of blogs posts and other things (some of the posts of the Holidailies have been 2000 or more words), but those aren’t counted because the 100k is fiction only. I was going so well and then got caught up in, well, life. Life and marketing for Otherkin Spirits really.


Camp NaNoWriMo and regular NaNoWriMo. I started Camp NaNo with the idea of Tranquil Destiny, which because of my bachelors dissertation I had to cut short. In my second run, during regular NaNo, I ran into problems with the plot and got stuck halfway through the story. I got really annoyed by this but then university work pulled me away and even though I tried catching up in the last couple of days it wouldn’t work. What I did do was take a better look at the story and realise I forgot to include some sub-plots, which is why my writing was so difficult.


– I was planning on publishing a story every 2 months, not all full length books, some were just novellas. This worked for most of the year. Until Otherkin Spirits 1 was pushed a month back because of problems with the cover and suddenly the month between Otherkin Spirits 1 and 2 that I was gonna use for writing and editing was spend on trying to keep my cat from throwing over my computer screens and doing all sorts of marketing things.


– Holidailies is not going to finish with 31 posts, though I think 27 (or 28 if I come up with something else) is pretty good too, for such a busy month as December, and most posts are very useful even.


So, apart from stuff not going well I learned SO MUCH!!!! Which makes up for a lot of my own downfall.

– Different universities have different work loads. This is something I sort of forgot when I planned out my writing/publishing schedule.

– When you change something so drastically as moving to a different country, to a new house (with my boyfriend) and to get a cat, you are bound to be a bit less focused for a while. For me the moving happened in May, then the publication of Disturbed Fate (Otherkin Spirits 1) was supposed to happen in June, which because of the cover was moved to a month later so I spend June finishing up Disturbed Connections (Otherkin Spirits 2) and getting to know the new place I lived, getting into a groove with my boyfriend and trying to raise a cat. I was very frustrated by this, but I also know that it was for the better (we at least have a decently raised cat). You can’t force it when you just don’t have the energy or the calm to get work done.

– During the last couple of years I’ve tried writing in different genres, and in the past few weeks I’ve realised that after the last two Otherkin Spirit books I’m going back to my best genre, dark and gritty contemporary fiction. Dark and gritty is more my thing than anything else I’ve written and while trying to write more and more things, I sort of lost track of that.


Here is a picture of our cuties together:

Kuro (black and white) we got back in May/June and Aka (red) we got at the end of November. Such sweeties, very distracting too, when they are being so damn cute all the time.


Okay, now I’m off to buy oliebollen, I’m Dutch, that is our traditional New Year’s food.



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