Holidailies 28: looking forward to 2014

So, I kept most of my goals from last year, and I’ve got a couple of goals again this year, though they are a lot fewer than last year.

You can find out my 2013 goals here: Holidailies 31: My goals for 2013!


My goals for 2014 are simple:

– Eat more healthily -> more veggies, less cheese, less cream, more water (already working on this one)

– Write 100.000 words in 2014 -> that is 274 a day. Failed this one in 2013, but I do like this goal, so I’m putting it in again.

– Finish my masters degree -> working hard on this. Soooo looking forward to this, I wanna be finished with schooling already!

– Read books for the Goodreads challenge -> “failed” this year since I read about 80 to 100 mangas and they’re not on Goodreads…

– Publish work -> Definitely Otherkin Spirits 3 and 4, and possibly some more.


And that is really it. Keeping it simple since goal 3 is kinda kicking my ass at the moment.




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