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This is a story I’ve been working on and off on for about a year or so. At the moment it’s called Sean, after the main character. This is a new trilogy that I’m working on which has sexy vampires, IT guys and even a set of twins (no twincest, I’m not that bad).


Blurb (temporarily):

Sean moves back to his home town for one last semester at university, hoping to finish up his degree and do his placement at the one place he has had his eye on since he started the course. What he didn’t suspect was to fall in love with a special goth guy who is hiding more than just his face.

Jules needs to finish school, needs to get away from this place, but most of all he needs to survive. When he falls in love with his new classmate he doesn’t know he will bring the guy in a lot of danger as someone from his past is close on his trail and keen on telling all his secrets.

Will Jules be able to keep Sean safe and can Sean accept the new world he now lives in?


I’ve done multiple rewrites of this story already, but I’d love to share the first chapter to this story. It isn’t sure if this chapter stays in in this form, but I like it anyway. Please don’t look at the errors too closely, I haven’t fully edited it yet.


Chapter 1

Sean looked at the looming building. He was back, the one university that he had been trying to avoid would be his home for his last semester. He didn’t really know why he had changed universities this late on, though he did sort of know. He had no reason to stay at the other one and the placement of his dreams was closer to this place. So he moved, he moved back to his home town that he had tried so hard to escape.

He stepped through the door, fairly certain he wouldn’t know anyone there. He left as all his friends went to university but instead of doing full time studying he combined his placement with his work and only studied part time, which meant double the amount of years. So if everybody had gone through uni without any trouble he would not meet any of his old friends, and he was fine with that. He didn’t know if any of them would recognize him or want to be near him ever again anyway.

One of the reasons he left this town was because during his last year of high school he could no longer ignore his interest in other guys. He was gay, and not just a bit curious. He had sneaked out multiple times to go to clubs and during the last few months of high school he decided that it would be easier on him and his family if he left. They didn’t like it much that he was gay and he didn’t want to be confronted by people that used to know him when going out with some guy.

So he left the city and had only been back a few times for Christmas and other important occasions. But now he was back for good, or well, at least for as long as it lasted, which he wasn’t sure would take long. He knew he would be fine as long as he didn’t run into someone he knew from back then, he hated the way some people looked at him after he came out, he didn’t want to have to go through that again.

He pulled a paper from his pocket, pulled his bag higher onto his shoulder and went to the help desk, hoping they could help him find the registry office. He looked at the girl behind the desk and immediately knew he was in trouble. Her eyes went wide as he stared at him.

“Sean! Long time no see, what are you doing here?” Her high-pitched voice grated on his nerves, as it had always done back in high school too.

He pondered for a moment to just make up an excuse and leave, but he was going to attend at least one semester here and he couldn’t hide from her for all that time. He smiled stiffly and put the paper on the desk. “Hi Evy, lovely to see you here. I need to get to the registry, where do I need go?”


Sean walked out the building, crossed the yard and entered another building. The girl hadn’t want to shut up. He was finally able to leave when he accepted her number and promised to call her soon so they could ‘catch up’. Ehhh, no. Now he was running late for the meeting at the registry, ugh.

He stepped into the office and was almost ran over by a slim figure clad in black. He stepped out of the way just in time not to collide with it and looked after it as it quickened off. Their black clothes flowing after them, almost like the wings of a bat. Sean shook his head, he didn’t remember people being that into gothic style the last time he had been here.


Sean looked at the list in his hands, he only had classes four evenings a week, that was fine, he could probably use the evening off if these classes were anything like the ones at his old university. He already had most of the books on the list and could probably borrow the other ones from classmates for the first week or so.

He opened the door to his studio apartment and hung the keys on the hook next to it. Overall the classes weren’t too bad for what he could see. Most of them he had previous classes about. He sat down on his couch, put the bag and the paper on the table in front of him and leaned his head back.

This was going to be hell, how was he supposed to get work done when the only thing he could think about was not running into his asshole old classmates? Ahh, well. It would work out some way, he knew that. Even his family had mostly become more tolerant of him, which was good, very good even. He closed his eyes, hopefully it would all be okay soon.



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