#WritingWednesday Author resources week 3

Writing Wednesday

These may come regularly, or not. Depending on if I do or don’t forget it. This first time I’m listing my own resources but I’m gonna try and collect a couple of new ones each week. So keep your eyes on these posts!

Most of these come from my Holidailies event from this year or last year.



(Short) Guide to writing and self/indie publishing -> Seven step plan from writing to publishing your work. With loads of resources to websites and other guides that will help you with your path!

Trick to writing insane amounts of words in a day, and stay sane -> I explain how I can write a lot of words by using timed writing and how you can boost your productivity too!


Tips and Tricks:

Tips for bloggers, writers and online users. How to: Links -> many people have a hard time getting and creating nice looking links. Here some tips and tricks on how to get and make them written in plain language with loads of examples.

Tips for bloggers, writers and online users. How to: Images -> Images are pretty, but do you know how to make clickable images so they will link you to a different website, how to post them to fora or how to rescale them? Now you do. Written in plain language with loads of examples.

Calibre, best ebook tool for readers and writers! -> Why I love Calibre and how it can help you too. It’s one of the best ever programs created, especially if you have a kindle or use the kindle app (if you don’t have it yet, pick it up for free, because Calibre will make it worth it!).

Social media management for authors made easy -> Do you use multiple social media accounts, do you run multiple websites or author names? Check out the guide, from tips and tricks on the websites themselves to other websites that will make your management of time a lot easier!


During December I also did research on the top 100 books on Amazon for New Adults. These are some posts about that research. There are a few still coming up.

Background information

Preliminary results

Time and Reviews





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