Website update!!!

Soooo, a few changes around the place. In the top bar you can now find different pages and a lot of my articles.

A breakdown of the top bar:

Home -> Well, that is my home page, nothing special there. You’ll just find the blog there.

My Books -> Pretty self explanatory. Here you can find my books. They are collected by genre and all have a little bit about the series. To get to the full pages about the books you click on the covers and you’ll be redirected to the publisher’s page about the book, where you can also buy them.

Articles -> Here we go, there is a lot hidden under that small tab.

General list of articles -> A long list of different articles I wrote, divided by short stories, reviews, guides, writing articles and all sorts of things. Most of these are 1 to 2+ years old but still interesting.

Blog tours -> I’ve put the schedule and links to all the articles from my previous blog tours here. There are some amazing articles, interviews and excerpts to be found here!

Holidailies -> You’ve seen them on the blog last month. Here are the full lists of articles for both Holidailies 2012 and 2013.

NaNoWriMo prep 2012 -> I collected resources for a great NaNoWriMo (writer’s challenge to write 50.000 words in November) experience. I still have my list from 2012 as I never planned on really doing it in 2013 so I didn’t create a new list for last year. The resources inside are still good though and should all still work.

About -> Not new, was already there. The all important about me page. /end sarcasm

Contact & Blog Info -> This is new! Very important page for readers and writers alike! If you want to contact me, you can find my info there. But the most important part is what else is on the page. If you want me to be part of your blog tour or would like to do an interview or guest post on my blog, you can find specifications and guides there. If you would like me to drop by on your blog for a blog tour, interview or guest post, you can also contact me through there. If you would like a review copy of one of my books, you can also sign up for those there. So a lot of cool things for readers and writers alike!


There you have it, all the new things on the website, all pretty and loads of reading bits. Enjoy!



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