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Writing Wednesday

Sooo, right before I started writing I got something veeeeery interesting in front of me, but I’m keeping that one until the end of the post otherwise you wouldn’t read the rest any more 😉

Also, hey, I got a banner on top of these posts now 🙂 I thought we needed some more funny things on the page.

Some posts about writing and some about blogs, a variety of things.



HEA, HFN, WTH -> An interesting post from All Romance Ebooks Cafe about some of the main acronyms you’ll see on romance books. Good read for anyone thinking about writing in the genre or even those curious about the genre.

How to Write a Bestselling Book This Year — The Definitive Resource List and How-To Guide -> Huuuuge list of resources, if you’re wondering about something, this guy probably has an article about it linked.

Five Critical Components of Any Successful Novel’s Plot -> I’m in the middle of doing revisions for Tranquil Destiny (Otherkin Spirits 3) and this post came right on time. Very handy especially when you’re editing or rewriting a story!

Backmatter: Are You Making the Most of Your Digital Shelf Space? -> Great post on how to get readers to buy your next book, sign up for your mailing list and other things you can mention in your backmatter.

How To Write A 1-Page Synopsis  -> Important skill when you’re trying to get a publisher, but maybe even more as an indie. Being able to condense your story into just one page will help greatly with marketing and even writing a story!



How to Increase Blog Traffic: The Complete Blog Traffic Guide -> I haven’t read everything in this yet, but what I did read sounded very reasonable and useful for those of us struggling to grow their blog.


Author opportunity!!!!

Listing this separately as this is a great resource for indie authors.

Indie ReCon is a digital convention for indie authors. It’ll run from the 25th to the 27th of Feb this year. It is 3 days full of articles, chats, speeches and all sorts of other cool things! And the best thing for those in the wrong timezones? (almost) everything can be read later at a more convenient time!

BUUUUT, that wasn’t what I talked about at the start. Of course, all of the above is really cool, but hours before writing the post (Tuesday evening 😉 ) I ran into this post.

The Report. Sounds ominous enough for you yet? It should be! This report is written by Hugh Howey a famous indie author, you might know him from Wool.

So, what is in it? A LOT! I’m not kidding you! Hugh and companion researched the top 7,000 best selling books on Amazon and gathered that data to show some surprising and even shocking outcomes! Yes, I’m keeping all the exclamation marks because I’m just that stunned by it!

The post talks about how much each type of author (Indie published, Amazon published, Small or medium press, Big-five published or “other/unknown”) makes, how much money from each sale actually gets into their own pockets and the real money and units sold data. There are a lot of things in there. I haven’t fully read everything yet because it’s just that much! And the best thing is that they actually provide the data at the bottom of the article so you can check it yourself.

Another angle on the article is written by Joe Konrath, also a famous author, he has added comments from himself and imaginary buddy “Legacy John” (who of course represents the imagined voices of Big-five publishers). It’s funny and might help those who get a bit lost in all the data and words.

Well worth the read, before or even after reading the original article by Hugh Howey, this article is a copy of the original article with comments added within the text, so you don’t need to read both if you can’t: Me, Hugh Howey, and Legacy John on AuthorEarnings.com

Enjoy all the articles and have a great week!



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