I’m going to the London Book Fair, and I’m scared out of my mind

Sooooo, yeah, no Writing Wednesday yesterday, I’m been swamped in work this week. But I didn’t want to post nothing at all this week. So here is my newest news!


I’m going to the London Book Fair, my first book fair EVER. I’ve been to fairs in the past a few times (most notably the Elf Fantasy Fair and Castlefest, which are a fantasy and a fantasy/reenactment, respectively), but never anything that was directly linked to books.

And while I’m really excited to go, I’m also slightly anxious. Previously I either went with other people to an event or I at least knew people who would be there. This time I’m going on my own.

I’ve never been to London before, even though I lived about 1,5 hours from it for 3 years. I just never had the energy or anyone to go with (I didn’t want to go alone, I like exploring places when other people are around).

So this will be anxious for me, I’m not that good with places and people I don’t know, even though I also love to meet new people. I know, that doesn’t make sense. Let’s just say that one part of me LOVES going new places and doing exciting things while the other part rather stays at home playing videogames. Which is also how I ended up studying in the UK for 3 years. One semester exchange research turned into signing up for universities in about a week or so.

This time I’m doing it for a very good reason though (not that studying in the UK was without reason), I need to find out the state of publishing for my dissertation for my masters degree, and what better event than a book fair?

The more personal reason is that I’d love to know more about translating and editing, as those are jobs I might be interested in in the future. And they have a couple of events about those topics, so I’m looking forward to them.


(click on the image to go to the website)

The tickets are still available and are only 30 pound at the moment, they will be 45 pound at the door.

There are a lot of cool seminars and other things! I even accidentally “booked” (well, basically put those into my schedule, since there is not actual booking of the free events) myself 3 or 4 times per timeslot. I think I need to rethink some of those seminars…


I’ve got a lot to do before that time though! Homework… But also getting new business cards (the ones I have now have my old website and stuff on it and that doesn’t look very professional), plus I might need to find some more “professional” clothes to wear. I don’t think a Cupcake Cult t-shirt will make me look very professional… But that might just be me.

That, and of course, I still need to book everything. I’m just too nervous to do that yet…


Maybe after some homework!




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