Read an Ebook Week!! Huge SALE, time to pick up some awesome titles!! #ebookweek #amreading

Sooooo, it’s Read an Ebook Week again! To me this means loads of new books on my kindle and stocking up for the times ahead. I love these things, I’ve picked up many new cool books in the past years and I’m sure I’ll find some again this year.

As I’ve done for the past Read an Ebook Weeks and also Summer/Winter sales I’m helping out friends and other cool people (and myself) by listing all the cool books they’ve written in one place. This list will be updated throughout the week with new people that have contacted me. So check back often!

The idea is simple. To get the sale you fill out the code (you can see the code also on the book page) at check out. Voilà, cheaper books!


PERMANENTLY FREE (some of these might be books from series that are part of the sale)

Magical Roads In The Mirror Immortalis Inside Evil


FREE / 100% OFF (Code: RW100)

Disturbed Fate Black Sheep: Letting Go Of The Past All The Other Boys Stranded Love


75% OFF (Code: REW75)

Exactly Where They'd Fall As The Crow Flies DragonLance


50% OFF (Code: REW50)

Disturbed Connections Black Sheep: Loving in The Present Black Sheep: Fighting for a Future Black Sheep Collection Dissension Hunters & Prey Pandora's Box Soulstone Moonlight Dark Salvation The Tower of Souls CRYO: Rise of the Immortals Daimones Once Humans


25% OFF (Code: REW25)

Spirits of the Middlelands New Alliances


You can check other books in the sale here: Read an Ebook Week

Also, you can check the Facebook page to find some more books: Read an E-Book week


Have fun looking around, it’s great to browse through all the books!



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