M/M Romance Love’s Landscapes Event

Every year the Goodreads Group M/M Romance hosts a writing event called Don’t Read in the Closet. The idea is that readers offer prompts and authors choose a prompt and write to that. You can see previous year’s prompts and stories that came from them on their website: M/M Romance Group (18+ only please)

This year the event is called Love’s Landscapes and I actually got a prompt from it. YAY! I was lucky because I almost didn’t get it, but it’s super cute and adorable!!!!


Here is a link to the image of the prompt: Cute geek guys kissing

(I’m not including the actual image because I can’t find the source of the image so I can’t clear the use for copyright. If anyone knows who are in the image or who took the image, please contact me so I can make sure I can use it.)


What is in the picture:

Two cute geek guys kissing, one has piercings and a light blue shirt with some image of a game or series on it and the other is wearing a button up. Between them is a silver Gamecube controller and in the background there is a scene from Super Smash Brothers Melee.


The prompt letter that came with the picture:


Dear Author,

We met in the strangest way.

I was convinced he was a girl because of his choice of character, and he thought the same thing about me. You can imagine how surprised we were when we first met in person. How confused I was about my feeling for him. I was already in love with the person behind the character, but I had never been attracted to a man before.

Can you tell the story of how we became that happy couple in the picture?


(keeping the name of the requester to myself, if they contact me I’ll add their name to it if they’re okay with it)


I wanted wanted wanted the prompt, since I’m a huge MMO player myself (as you’ve probably seen from earlier posts) and I love gender confusions.

I’ve started writing the story after I had some trouble with the reason why they would both think the other was female instead of male. I think I came up with something that works.


I’m really looking forward to writing this story, I’m curious what these guys will get up to!




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