Let me make up for the lack of updates about my work with some adorable cat pics of my cats (and some other news)

[warning! Image heavy!]

Let’s start with the other things first and then I’ll drown you in cute cat pics (kittens are adorable, even though one of mine is no longer a real kitten as he passed the 1 year mark last month).



First the sad news:


I’ve been planning on releasing Otherkin Spirits 3 and 4 this summer, but that will have to be pushed back as I don’t have the stories finished yet. I know, I’ve been going without new releases for a while now. I wish it was different but it simply isn’t.



The reason behind the sad news:


I’ve said a couple of times that I’ve been having a hard time juggling everything in my life. In theory this means that I need to spend a lot of time on university and on my life, in reality this means that after university and life stuff I have very little energy left to get writing done.

The time I do have I prefer to read or play videogames as this doesn’t require as much concentration and energy.

For the university classes I’m doing one project on translations of Japanese names in English language manga, another project is creating a textbook about the history of my university from writing to publication with 8 other people (we’re almost there) and then I’ve got my dissertation on the state of publishing in 2014. None of these things are particularly easy or even paths that have been walked so often before that resources are plenty. I chose great things to do, I do have to pay for my own enthusiasm with a lack of energy to actually write fiction.



The better news:


The university year is coming to an end, so I should have more time for writing in a few months.

In the mean time I’ll still host books for other people (which I really like) and I’ll also be writing some blog posts (I’ve got the ideas written down, I just need to write them). So it’s not like I’m going all radio silent.

Behind the screens I’m working on outlines, on edits, on story problems, just not as fast as I would like.



And now for the cats!

Kuro (the black and white cat) just passed his first birthday (back at the end of April). So, yay! He is officially no longer a kitten!

Aka (the red cat) is now almost 9 months (31st of May).

They’re adorable and very silly.



First some Kuro:


He is still my big baby


At other times he is such a gentleman:


Or maybe that was a fluke…



And then we have Aka:


Who is very playful, though easily distracted:



She is a real queen, with a lot of thrones:



But most of all, she likes to sleep, and no queen can sleep normally…



But what they both like best is doing things together:


Like keeping me company as I read


Or sleeeeeeeep



I hope you enjoyed that! Have a great week!





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