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Writing WednesdayNew week, new links. I just finished the last of my deadlines for this year of university. Next deadline won’t be until October. I’m pretty happy about this all!


Not even putting this under a header, because this is just beautiful! The fear of every author, described by Robin Hobb (one of my all time fav authors!): Dear Readers: A Letter from Robin Hobb



How You Can Make $50,000 A Year Without Ever Hitting Bestseller List -> Doing the maths, this makes the whole writing for a job seem a lot more doable.

Incorporating back story into your novel  -> Nobody likes info dumps, but we still need the backstory. Good article to think about.

Redesigning your ebook covers: A Guest Post by Besteller H. M. Ward -> Take notice, take notice! Make covers that sell, that reveal the genre, but especially, make covers that FIT the genre!

A “Secret” Formula for Creating a Short Synopsis for Your Book -> The dreaded blurb… I know I’ve shared articles about this before, but not everyone is the same. And not every book is the same. So I keep trying new things.

Alternative Words to Said and Physical Characteristic Descriptions ~ Resource List -> Interesting resources. Especially to read though and absorb instead of learn.

10 Ways to Make Everyone Root for Your Amoral Protagonist -> Yes, a “10 ways to” article, but this one is very fun and has great ideas.

151 must visit writing websites -> A huge list with all sorts of different resources. Great for a few days of information overload.



SPRT 050 with Zoe York and hitting the New York Times and USA Today Bestsellers lists -> A podcast about best seller books and marketing strategies.

Writer Survey Results -> Has answers from writers, readers and bloggers about how they buy books and hear about them. Good to take a look at. (also interesting for bloggers who want to help authors)

Now that’s how to swag – UK Meet – my favourite swag -> Swag swag swag. Some great ideas that a friend of mine got during a recent author and reader meetup.


Discussions (writers and readers):

Representation in video games still falls short -> Sure, it’s about video games. But if George Martin keeps getting asked “why do you write such female characters?” Then it is certainly just as important to think about this in books.

Big Publishing is the Problem -> Post by Hugh Howey about the Amazon vs Hachette argument. Who do you like to set the ultimate price for your meat, the butcher (who knows all about his craft but not much about market value and stuff) or the shop where you buy the meat (who know all about market value and stuff, just not about actual butchering). Then why do we let Hachette decide what to price their books (they only make books) and not Amazon (who have a better grasp on market value and book selling).

The real story behind the war over YA novels -> Recently there has been an outcry of “Adults should not read YA because it’s for kids” going around some places. Touting Literature as the only thing adults should read. This is a great article about Young Adult fiction and some ideas as to why it touches so many people of all ages.


That is it for this week! Quite a list!

Also, if you want to look through links from older Writing Wednesdays look in the Writing Wednesday category of this blog or on my shared Diigo list.


Have a great week!


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