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Hi, everyone! I want to thank Kia for hosting me today!
Dare to Love Forever is my second published novel, and I’m excited
to share the story with you.


Kissing!! Who doesn’t like kissing? Yes, in my stories I have sex scenes and the supernatural and some kidnappings and bad guys and heroes…well, you get the point. But one thing I love is kissing, especially those first kisses where there are butterflies and anticipation and heat and hope and promise. So today, I am sharing with you kisses from three different stories of mine. Enjoy!



Dare To Love Forever

Lincoln raised Carson’s hand and rested it against his cheek. His dark beard scratched at Carson’s palm. Carson raised his chin, met hooded, lust-filled eyes. Butterflies the size of crows beat against Carson’s stomach. Lincoln’s tongue came out and licked at his own lips. Carson’s eyes flicked down to watch the erotic motion. Gods, he wanted to taste those wine-colored lips.

Maybe Lincoln was reading Carson’s mind because Lincoln lifted his other hand and laid it on the back of Carson’s neck. The skin-to-skin contact raced a shiver through Carson’s body all the way to his toes. His cock was so hard and aching, and he wanted to touch it but he refrained, waiting…breathing…yearning, as Lincoln continued to stare right into him.

The hand on his neck tightened and pulled Carson closer, leading him to Lincoln’s lips. Time stopped as he traveled the short distance to those moist lips. Just before they touched, Carson closed his eyes. Lincoln’s hot breaths hit Carson’s face and then their lips came together tentatively, as if they were both waiting for the other to make the move. The electricity sparking from just that touch zipped straight to Carson’s groin and he surged forward, turning his head and opening his mouth while wrapping his arms around Lincoln’s neck. Lincoln’s hand tightened on Carson’s neck and the other wrapped around Carson’s waist and pulled him hard against Lincoln’s chest.

Oh gods, the taste of the man was heavenly, and Carson attacked his lips, teeth clacking, and a moan rising from one of them. Lincoln turned his body and pulled Carson onto his lap. Instantly, Carson humped against Lincoln’s stomach. A scorching heat rose from within and Carson’s control held by only a fragile thread.


Curiosity Killed Shaney

Snuggling the large bear chest, Shaney reveled in their serene closeness. Hudson’s hand gently lifted Shaney’s chin. His gaze searched Shaney’s face for something. He tried to deny the lust he read in Hudson’s intense eyes. If only…

Hudson leaned closer, his gaze straying to Shaney’s mouth. Short gasps of air fanned his skin as Hudson’s seductive lips descended. Shaney closed his eyes. His breath ceased as a tentative caress and the swipe of a wet tongue played at his needy lips, sparking nerve endings that zipped straight to his groin.

Any misconceptions he’d had about Hudson’s orientation quickly dissipated. Shaney clenched at the cotton material on Hudson’s back, desperately pulling at the reins of his overwhelming need to rub and rut like a cat in heat. His growing erection pushed at the front of the oversized sweats he’d come to be wearing. The pressure on his lips increased as Hudson’s tongue explored his mouth. Hudson tightened his grip and lifted Shaney until his toes tickled the carpet. One of Hudson’s legs slid between Shaney’s thighs and Hudson lowered him onto that hard-muscled limb and, oh, God, the pressure felt so fucking good.

The kissing turned into an urgent battle of tangling tongues, clacking teeth, and moans filling their combined mouths. Hudson lowered his hand, kneading Shaney’s backside. His other hand ran trembling fingers through the waves at the back of Shaney’s skull, taking full control of the bruising kiss. Shaney rocked his pulsing cock against Hudson’s leg and Hudson’s immense bulge pressed hard into Shaney’s hip, increasing Shaney’s frenzied bucking. Sweat coated Shaney’s forehead and prickled the skin of his back. Growing pressure filled Shaney’s balls, and warm waves of euphoric pleasure filled every cell as Shaney chased his elusive orgasm. He needed to come so badly, wanted it with everything he was, wanted it with Hudson.


Waiting for Snow


Strong fingers touched Dain’s neck, kneading the rock hard muscles. Dropping his head forward, Dain willed the relaxation to filter through every muscle of his body.

“What happened that night, Dain?”

Two thumbs rubbed over the top of Dain’s spine and he moaned. Any inkling of his migraine dissipated. Soaking in every inch of those hands, he said, “If I tell, it’ll grow arms and legs and a head and fucking eat me alive.”

Jake leaned over his shoulder and whispered. “I won’t let that happen. I won’t let anyone hurt you again.” Dain shuddered, and fuck, if he didn’t believe every word. But the minute he spilled the details of that awful night and his past, Jake’s touches would stop and he needed that touch like a man dying of thirst.

Warm air feathered across Dain’s cheek and Jake whispered, “I lied earlier.”

Dain licked at his dry lips. “About what?”

“I don’t want to be your friend, Sweetheart.”

The seductive whisper ran straight to Dain’s cock. Dain wanted to touch Jake, kiss him, lick him. No one had touched Dain since Mick. Fuck friendship.

“Don’t want that either.” God, his dick was speaking for him now.

Dain turned and a hot spike of desire shot straight to his core as their eyes connected. Jake’s chest rose rapidly and his eyes hooded. Dain placed a hand over Jake’s racing heart as Jake’s large hands settled gently on Dain’s hips. With shallow breaths, shaky legs, and heart pounding against his ribs, Dain lifted his chin.

“Kiss me,” he whispered.

Their lips crashed together like a breaking tide. Tongues tangled and the kiss took on an increasing urgency, but Jake pulled back and, with a frowning confusion, searched Dain’s eyes for something. Dain wanted to question him, but need overruled. Opening for another kiss, Dain ate at Jake’s mouth as if he were starving. Jake’s hands ran down Dain’s back then squeezed his ass. Dain bucked his hips and Jake answered with a buck of his own. Shit, a mammoth bulge pressed into Dain’s stomach. God, he wanted this man here and now, forever.



Carson Locke is a Tabula Rosa vampire—a dangerous rarity in the world of vampires. With one bite, he can wipe clean a vampire’s mind, creating a mindless drone. Because of this, Carson has spent his entire twenty-three years sheltered at home. That changes when his entire family is murdered. Now on the run and near death, Carson meets Commander Lincoln Samuels, a beautiful vampire who tries to heal him. In doing so, Carson is bonded to the vampire and turned into something the vampire world has never seen. When Carson is poisoned, he believes that someone wants him dead as well, however there are greater plans for Carson put into motion hundreds of years before his birth.

Lincoln is a Sanatore vampire with the ability to heal other vampires. He heads a team in the New Vampire Justice police force in Utica, NY. Late one night, he is called to a local Vampire Blood Market where a starving Tabula Rosa vampire is about to be executed by one of his officers. Feeling a strong connection to Carson, Lincoln wants to heal the broken man despite knowing the risk in doing so. Healing Carson could destroy Lincoln and cost him the chance to love again. What Lincoln finds is that there is a greater evil threatening to take Carson from him.

Can two vampires who have loved and painfully lost in the past, learn to trust one another, defeat the evil rising against them, and dare to love forever?


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Descending farther, the flashlight flickered. Carson froze. Stopping to shake the light, he could hear the beating of his overwrought heart in his ears, feel the knot of dread expand in his gut. Gods, if he had anything in his stomach to throw up, he would. Right now, he needed the blood that the Vampire Blood Market (VBM) provided. Carson’s teeth had only sunk into a vein once and the nightmare of that moment had forever been burned into his memory. Besides, from what he’d heard, the bite hurt the donor like a bitch. That was mainly the sport of pain sluts and adrenaline junkies who visited bars where biting was still legal. In his isolated world of Gifford, NY, blood had always been supplied. Now, he had to feed himself. Without money, that meant stealing what he needed.

At the bottom of the stairs, he peered through the small window into the VBM. Walls of illuminated refrigerated cases held blood in containers similar to milk jugs. Unfortunately, stealing milk didn’t hold the same consequence as stealing blood.

Ignoring the dangerousness of his mission, Carson grasped the door handle. What he feared would be locked opened freely. Inside the VBM, the refrigerated cases hummed. The air was cooler than in the hallway. Carson’s mouth watered and his empty stomach clenched tight. Rushing to the first case, he pulled open the door. He grabbed the closest opaque white container and ripped the top off. Just as he lifted the container with the lifesaving liquid to his lips, the lights came on and a voice shouted, “Freeze!”

Carson dropped the container and gasped. His heart pushed into overdrive, his breaths barely escaped his throat. He gaped at the three men and two women dressed in black uniforms pointing guns at him. Carson tried to remain still but his feet moved backward without thought.

“Freeze or we’ll shoot!” A man with short black hair, who was larger than a truck, leveled a gun at Carson’s head. The man could end all of Caron’s pain. The fear, the hunger, the uncertainty, the agony of losing his family. Just charge at the giant—or slip his hand into his pocket as if he had a gun—and the bullets would do the rest. But as he ran into the wall behind him, his muscles seized. He was going to die no matter what he did.

“Down on your knees and hands on your head!”

Without thought, Carson went down hard on his knees and rested his hands on his head. His head swam from hunger, and his legs shook. It was all he could do to remain upright. Carson closed his eyes and thought of his younger brother, Caden, and his mom. He just wanted this to be over quick.

“Strip him,” he heard the gruff voice say.

Carson’s chest locked up as hands grabbed him. They ripped Carson’s parka over his head and then his sweater and T-shirt were next. The chill on his skin sent a shudder through his emaciated body.

Please, do it quickly.

Hands held him by his shoulders and arms, as if at any minute he might resist. There wasn’t an ounce of resistance left in him, not an ounce of fight. Tears burned his eyes like acid. Gods, his life had sucked so far. This was the perfect ending.

The large man stepped forward. Heavy black boots scraped the floor. The letters NVJ in large white letters crossed his chest. New Vampire Justice. The vampire equivalent of a SWAT team, there because Carson had been trying to steal blood, an act punishable by immediate death.

“You have been caught in the act of stealing blood from a certified Vampire Blood Market, an act punishable by death by the Vampire Justice Act of 2003. Under the jurisdiction of the New Vampire Justice code number 456.5, I, Chief Enforcement Officer for the city of Utica, NY, hereby pass the sentence of death. Do you have anything you wish to say before this judgement is carried out?”


About JC Wallace:

JC Wallace started writing from a young age, but took a break for marriage, kids, and college (in that order). He recently rediscovered his passion and ventured out into the brave new world of publishing with his short, Waiting for Snow, and his first novel, Curiosity Killed Shaney. At night and on the weekends, JC writes about all things men, believing there is nothing hotter than two men finding and loving one another, whether for a night or forever. An avid reader of M/M romance, JC loves a good twist of a plot, HEA, HFN, or tragic ending. He also writes what his bestie calls HUNK (Happy Until the Next Kidnapping).

In his daytime hours, JC works with individuals with autism and behavior problems. He is owned by three kids, one grandchild and one on the way, two dogs and one cat. He lives in the beautiful Adirondack Mountains in Northern NY.

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