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Writing Wednesday

As you can see from the list below, I was working on a new novel. Loads of things about planning and romance books, but also a few other things to think about.


Planning stories:

The Snowflake Method For Designing A Novel -> Interesting method to plan your novel, always worth checking out new methods. There is also a Scrivener template for it.

Hero’s Journey -> Outline for both the Hero’s and Heroine’s Journey plotlines. Easy to understand and has pictures to go with it.

Seven Point Story Structure with Dan Wells -> Very much like the romance beat sheet but this is for other genres too. This one has a couple of videos to explain the different points.

Beat Sheets 101 -> How to use beat sheets, great post for people who want to know how they work or want to freshen up their memory of it.

Write Romance? Get Your Beat Sheet Here! -> The name says it all. Though it has some extra information on romance writing too.

Basic Outline for a Romance Novel -> 10 point romance outline. There are multiple lengths with beat points. It also has some plot generators for different romance genres, quite fun for inspiration.

Story Structure Series -> Whole series. This is just a link to the category as I couldn’t find a master post of it.


Details in stories:

Can I Mention Brand Name Products in My Fiction? -> Great post, very clear on what you can and can’t do when talking about brands.

How much raunch to put in sex scenes -> Sexy sexy and how to put it into your story.

Using slang and dialects in fiction -> Silly words and weird language.



Why Is Orphan Black Still Fighting a War Buffy Should Have Won Over 10 Years Ago? -> Strong women. Not just physically but also mentally. Also, Orphan Black is awesome, if you’re not watching it yet, you should!


That’s it for this post! See you next time!



Don’t forget that you can find these links and links from previous posts also on this Diigo list.

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