Happy birthday to me, I’m doing a Bday sale and have awesome news!

Today (September 1st) is my birthday! And I turned 26, which means I’m no longer a quarter century old!

I had a lovely dinner last night with my family. I love cooking, so this was awesome. I made Italian meatloaf with Italian and garlic bread and a salad and for dessert we had strawberry jelly. To me, this was a great meal.


So, as my present to all my lovely readers and fans, I put my whole catalogue on sale for the whole week. So from today (Sep 1) until Sunday (Sep 7) you’ll be able to get my books for free or $0.99!!

Magical Roads is FREE (and, by the way, recently had a total overhaul on the inside. It’s so pretty now!).

Black Sheep: Letting Go Of The Past is FREE!

Black Sheep: Loving in the Present, Fighting for a Future and the 3-in-1 edition are all $0.99!

Disturbed Fate and Disturbed Connections are also $0.99!


So, if you don’t have any of the books yet, this is your time to grab them cheap!!


And, in other news, I just opened a new business!!

It’s called 5 Times Formatting, it is for, now the only part of 5 Times Services. I can format very pretty ebooks for you for decent prices!

You can find the website here 5 Times Formatting

Take a look!

I’ve been keeping the preparations under wraps for a while, a few friends knew about it but mostly I kept my mouth shut. I didn’t want to excite people too early since I wasn’t sure yet if I would dare to actually do it. But, from now on you can hire me to do your super fancy (or super basic) formatting for your ebooks!


Have a great week, I’m going to get some reading done now!



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