#NaNoWriMo interview with S0rceress0


What is your NaNo account name? S0receress0

How many times have you participated and what years? I have participated 5 times (including this year!) 2009, 2011,2012,2013, and 2014

How many times have you won and what years? I completed the NaNo challenge in 2011 and 2012

What is the highest word count you have written in one day during NaNo? I believe in 2011 I spent most of the day holed up at Panera’s. I liked the grilled cheese so much I completed 8000 words.

Are you participating this year? Yes!

If so, what will be the genre? Literary novel


Getting to know your characters


I think it’s critical that in writing about or with characters or people, that the author thoroughly understands their subject. A series of interviews helps me. Just the author and the subject together. When you make the subject speak in your head, they have more depth than when you are just trying to describe them. Ask them questions and then write down their answers. This can bring in all sorts of nuances about personality you didn’t even realize existed! You may be able to dig up lots of tidbits for your story this way.

When you are stuck staring at an “about my character” page, don’t write about the character, let the character speak for themselves.

*So True.*

“Sam. You’re supposed to stay on HiveWord.”

*I’m bored! I can’t do anything until you start writing!*

“I can’t write until November first.”


“Look, would it make it easier if I introduced you?”


Ahem. This is Sam. Short for Samantha…

*I don’t go by that name!*

But she doesn’t go by that name. She’s a tough girl who is my main character in my NaNo novel “The Hunger Inside.” Inside, however, she isn’t so tough.

*Do you have to tell them that?*

They will find out anyway Sam. As I was saying, she’s not so tough inside. She has a soft spot for kids and the homeless, and the general downtrodden.

*And I like soccer.*

…I didn’t know that.

*I do.*

Alrighty then. She will take the hearts of several hundred people and through acts of generosity and just good common sense, will make herself a part of a community that didn’t want her there in the first place.


It’s through interactions like these that I learn about how my characters speak. Some characters speak very little, and some just can’t shut up at all. Writers get all kinds.


Where can you find S0receress0:

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