#NaNoWriMo day 1! aaaand START!!

NaNo14It’s day 1. It has really started now!

Soo, how far should you be at the end of today?

Regular: 1667 words

Reverse: 3346 words

Low/High: 3000 words

Weekdays: 0 words (lucky bastards)

(For all the schedules, check out my pre-NaNo post about wordcounts, or download them immediately here)


Sooo, normally I’m super prepared at midnight Nov 1 but this year I was in bed a bit early (by 8 the night before, soo about 4 hours too early) so I didn’t do my traditional 10-minute sprint. Which meant that after having slept for 12 hours (I was exhausted) I then had to do all the things I normally do.

– Make my word-sprint sheet (see pic on twitter)

– Save my word count sheet and make a shortcut to it on my desktop (for easy access)

– Create Scrivener file for my project

– Stare at empty outline sheet (I’ve been trying but somehow it’s still empty… luckily I know a lot of the beginning of the story already)


Other things that are important on day 1:

– Did you sign up for NaNo yet? (if not, you totally should!!)

– Have you filled out your story title and synopsis? (always handy to make sure you get somewhere and you need to write at least something in them to be able to participate with wordcounts)

– Did you connect with your region yet? (It’s always good to have connections with people that are local, it means they’re most likely living on the same time-schedule as you do)

– Did you set up a back-up option yet? (I use Dropbox as it’s a cloud back-up service and all I have to do to keep it safe is to save my work to a particular folder on my computer. Super easy and it means I can use the same files on my desktop and laptop)

– I’m serious, have you considered a way to back-up your files yet? There is nothing as devastating as losing all your work because of a corrupted save file or a hard-drive crash. Think about making extra save copies on a USB drive, a cloud service like Dropbox, Google Drive or many other back-up options. Be pro-active about this now because losing all your hard work and knowing you could have been able to get it back if you had thought about backing-up before is even more devastating.

– Make friends. Doesn’t matter if this is on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, the NaNo forums or anywhere else, connecting with other NaNo participants is a great motivator to keep going!


And most of all:

– Enjoy your first day of writing! NaNoWriMo is not just about the end product, it is about the experience!


I’m off to getting some writing done!




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