#NaNoWriMo interview with EustaciaTan


What is your NaNo account name? EustaciaTan

How many times have you participated and what years? I’ve participated twice, in 2012 and 2013. This will be my third year!

How many times have you won and what years? I’ve won both times I participated (although I almost didn’t win last year)

What is the highest word count you have written in one day during NaNo? I’m not too sure, probably around 2500?

Are you participating this year? If so, what will be the genre? Yes, probably short stories. I’m planning to be a NaNoWriMo rebel and use it to get a few stories rattling in my brain out there.


Tips for during NaNoWriMo

I can think of three tips that I’ve been using.


  1. Never underestimate how much the little bits and pieces you write throughout the day add up. I use Evernote when I’m out of my house (since it synchs to my com), so I can write on my iPad or my handphone. And just writing a sentence or two whenever the muse strikes really does help make headway. I think between one third to half of my daily word count stay from there.
  1. Community is important. Even if you’re not the type that likes writeins (I’m in a different timezone from most, so hangouts are very hard to do), having a community forms a sort of peer pressure that pushes you to keep writing. Give weekly (or even better daily) updates to your community of NaNoWriMo, and read their updates too. It might seem like a waste of time, but trust me, when you don’t want to write anymore, connecting with the community can have a big impact and help you get back to your story.
  1. Relax. If you joined NaNoWriMo, it’s because you like writing. Never make it a chore. If you really feel fustrated, take a break, go to your community, or leave the house for a few hours and take a walk or something. A few unproductive days will set you back, but personal experience showed me that it’s possible to bounce back – once the inspiration comes back, you’ll catch up in no time


Have fun in NaNoWriMo! It’s an awesome experience 😀

About EustaciaTan:

I’m a bibliophile, and reading so much makes me want to write. I’m currently living in Japan, which is why most of the stuff I write is based on either Japan or Singapore (my home country).

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