Blog tour – Black Sheep: Letting go of the Past

12 Dec I talk about style and clothes and changes on Chrystalla Thoma’s blog.

13 Dec I talk about the process of writing Black Sheep, from online serial to ebooks, on Brooke Johnson’s blog.

14 Dec Moved to 24 Dec.

15 Dec I talk about why I chose to publish Black Sheep as an ebook and the choices I made for it on Lorraine Cosway’s blog.

16 Dec Interview about me and my writing on Little Book Star.

17 Dec I talk about what I used to read when I started writing Black Sheep and my own struggles of writing it on Night Tempest’s blog.

18 Dec I talk about stereotypes and how I tried to play with them in Black Sheep on Boys on the Brink.

19 Dec I talk about why I chose to write in English when Dutch is my mother tongue on Suzanne van Rooyen’s blog.

20 Dec I’m just sharing my info on YA Novel Reader.

21 Dec Another interview with me, but mostly specific about writing Black Sheep on Nephylim’s blog.

24 Dec An interview with Vic, the main character of Black Sheep on Nephylim’s blog.

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