Holidailies 2012

In December 2012 I participated in a challenge to write a blog post per day called Holidailies, here is the final list of posts.
It was very fun to do but sometimes I had a hard time coming up with topics so I also have a few posts with music and other things.

Holidailies 1: Start of December

Holidailies 2: My most important thing when being productive MUSIC!

Holidailies 3: My trick to writing insane amounts a day…

Holidailies 4: Now what?

Holidialies 5: quick update

Holidailies 6: Recipe for awesome pasta sauce

Holidailies 7: Snooooooow

Holidailies 8: Flashcarding, not as dirty as it sounds, rather useful even

Holidailies 9: Flashcarding, how I play the game

Holidailies 10: Happy early release to me

Holidailies 11: More season-friendly pics

Holidailies 12: No clue and braindead

Holidailies 13: Productive day

Holidailies 14: Another productive day

Holidailies 15: Beautiful Sunday

Holidailies 16: Halfway point

Holidailies 17: I’m sharing a little bit of Christmas Magic

Holidailies 18: Woops

Holidailies 19: my sprint sheet

holidailies 20: Fav Game Music

Holidailies 21: Calibre, my fav ebook tool

Holidailies 22: Picture perfect?

Holidailies 23: Final Blog list for Black Sheep tour

Holidailies 24: Present for you all!

Holidailies 25: Small present. Black Sheep Excerpt 1

Holidailies 26 : Mooooore presents for you all

Holidailies 27 : Small Present. Black Sheep excerpt 2

Holidailies 28: Short update

Holidailies 29 : The changes I made in 2012

Holidailies 30: Small Present. Black Sheep excerpt 3

Holidailies 31: My goals for 2013!

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