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Not sure how to call this otherwise so I’m sticking with this.


Contact me

You can contact me through all the important social media outlets:


You can also email me at kia @ 5timeschaos . com

Yes, that is my publisher email address, but that is where I check the most, so it’s the easiest to contact me.


On my website

I’m always open for guest posts and blog tours. I love helping other people out.

Every post on my blog is send to my Facebook fan page (400+ likes), Goodreads, Twitter (2800+ followers), Google+ (1300+ followers), Tumblr and Triberr (regularly 20+ shares to some big name Twitter accounts).

If your story is LGBT, Young Adult, New Adult, Paranormal, Fantasy, Science Fiction or Romance, contact me through any of the means above mentioned and I’ll be happy to host you.

At this moment I don’t do review requests, I have a huge backlog of books I still want to read and (potentially) review and I don’t have the time to take on more. So, blog posts and blog tours, great, reviews, not so great.


On your website

If you’re a book blogger or a reviewer and would like to blog about or review one of my present or upcoming books, please fill out this Blogger and Reviewer Form (will send you to a new page). That way I will send you information right before a new release (about 1 to 1,5 months upfront for a blog tour) or at any moment you prefer (for reviews).

If you’d like me to do a guest post or interview about a subject you’ve seen me talk about on a tour or that you’ve seen on this or one of my other blogs, please contact me through social media or email me and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Topics I often write about include: LGBT themes in Young Adult fiction, writing, New Adult fiction and gay fiction over all, but you can of course ask about other topics as well.

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