Magical Roads

Genre: Fantastical Short Story Collection

Teenagers are the same everywhere, no matter where they live or who they are.

The stories in this collection might have light cursing but have no sex or other adult themes.


Magical Roads

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A fantastical short story collection, deals with topics like belonging, love, identity and hiding secrets from your parents.

In Growing Up Jaden is breaking with the life he is leading as he prepares to leave to the highschool of his own choice.
Age has nothing to do with how grown-up someone is, or at least that is what the girl from Hatchling thinks as she gets more curious than her parents would like her to be.
Traditions aren’t for everyone, as the guy from First Summer realises.
Growing older doesn’t always mean growing apart, sometimes it means the opposite. Macy connects on a new level with an old friend at their families yearly trip to the French Coast.

The four stories are between flash fiction and regular short stories in length, great for quick reads when time is sparse.

Total length of the book is about 6000 words.

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